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-If submitting a fess about a person, please do not use their name but instead use initials. i.e. John Smith -> JS.
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-No anonymous accounts that spread solely hate.
-At the request of the University, no fesses about lecturers will be posted. Including those that are positive. Sorry:(
-At the request of SurreyFess followers there continues to be a ban on posts about the corona virus. Fesses that reference quarantine will still be posted as long as they don't mention the virus.
-Society or club 'shout outs' i.e 'Come to SurreyFessSoc's bar crawl, 31st Feb, 9pm' won't be published just because we don't want to become an advertising space for all clubs and societies. Fesses ABOUT clubs/ socs are fine though.
-Fesses on potentially triggering topics (r*pe/ s*icide etc.) may be deleted if they are graphic. Otherwise, they will be posted with a trigger warning at the start.
-Fesses replying to other fesses may be deleted. We'd recommend replying in the comments instead.
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